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Need your Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline R32, R33, R34 GTS and GTR, Toyota MR2, Toyota MRS Roadster, Lexus Altezza, Lexus V300 Vertex, Toyota Aristo, , Toyota Soarer V8, Toyota Soarer 2.5TT , Celica GT4 Tuning, ECU Re Mapping or even Engine Upgrades including Turbo Chargers and Engine Rebuilds as well as many other Modified Engine Upgrades and Components including Dyno Verification then we can help.

Ideal if you live within the following areas,
Birmingham, Tamworth, Coventry, Solihul, Nuneaton, Redditch, Leamington, Warwick, Kenilworth, Warwickshire , West Midlands and surrounding areas.

We also offer a full engine rebuild service, maintenance, custom pipework fabrication and gearbox conversions.

ECU Mapping summary

The following ECU's can be mapped, Link, Greddy, Apexi, Motec, Omex, Autronic, Emerald, Gems, Electromotive, Haltech, DTA, MicroTech, Taxtrix OpenPort2.0, SyVecvs, Tomei Rytec ECU's. If your ECU is mapped properly then your car will run at its optimum performance.

ECU Re Mapping service is generally a 3-4 hour job. When your ECU is programmed correctly with precise settings you will then notice a smoother more responsive and quicker car. Re-mapping of aftermarket ECU's for improved torque and power output is all done on a direct coupled 1600BHP Chassis Dynamometer. (Rolling Road)

The Dynapack 6000 is capable of measuring up to 1600 BHP on a 4WD vehicle... that's 800 BHP per axel.. The Dynapack is similar to a rolling road but directly couples to the vehicles wheel hubs This means there are no problems associated with tyre/roller slip, increasing the safety and accuracy of measurement. This is perfect for analysing faults only apparent when driving under load and tweaking the engine for maximum power output.

Large ceiling fans suck air from outside and pump it into the cell through a radiator sized appeture and then extracted via a large ceiling vent and exhausted outside. Exhaust gases are extracted seperately.

The equipment is able to measure in real time the engine torque, air intake temperatures, turbo boost pressures and importantly the air/fuel ratio; BHP is calculated and corrected to British DIN standards.

Performance Analysis / Diagnostics

Fault Codes
We are able to read and clear many engine management fault codes and diagnose electrical and/or mechanical faults in UK and grey import Japanese vehicles. European also possible.

Performance Analysis - More Info


THOR Racing can supply the majority of electronics and engine tunings products for your vehicle and offer installation and setup services using our 4WD 1600BHP Chassis Dynamometer.
(a Chassis Dyno is similar to a Rolling road)


Power Runs and Dyno Reading Performance Analysis

Simple power runs on the Dynapack chassis dynamometer to give you a detailed picture of how your engine and drive-train are performing. The unit also provides valuable assistance in the full remapping of electronic engine management and also re-jetting of carburetted systems; so even your classic sports car is catered for within our range of services.

Power Run - More Info


Air filters
Induction kits
Fuel pressure regulators
Fuel pumps
Dump valves
Boost controllers
Additional injectors
Exhaust Systems
Turbo Hoses


Services Summary

A range of services specifically aimed towards the electronic and engine management side of tuning with a wide range of mechanical services.

When it comes to tuning it is important to understand exactly what you are looking for in terms of performance. It could be that you simply want your car to perform for everyday use but with that extra something. They can complete modifications appropriate for track days, drag racing or other motor sport events.

The various parts they recommend for your car come from the leading manufacturers and are chosen for their levels of build quality, performance and durability. They have tried and tested a great many components over the years and our opinions are based on our own experiences, and well as those of our customers. Quite simply,...if they do not think it works, they do not install it.

Experience in tuning race engines has been gained over many years, There knowledge and technical experience enables us to recommend tuning solutions and components from the leading manufacturers, and to carry out all installations for maximum reliability. They understand all aspects of high performance tuning. Whether you are aiming to take part in track days or just enjoy your everyday motoring pleasure, we have the right solutions and recommendations that will keep you smiling.


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