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THOR Racing brings professional performance car tuning to Warwickshire

THOR provides owners of fast road or track vehicles a high level of technical skill and knowledge to enhance engine performance. Offering everything electronic from diagnostics, through to installations of engine controllers to full replacement engine control remapping.

We specialise in the Japanese Turbo Charged market but offer tuning for non-turbo and European models as well.


THOR Racing can supply the majority of electronics and engine tunings products for your vehicle and offer installation and setup services using our 4WD 1600BHP Chassis Dynamometer.

Key Skill Area

Our key skill area is in electronic engine management systems.
THOR Racing have degree qualified electronics engineers to install any engine management system, correct any faults and calibrate/map the entire engine management system from scratch.

We are also able to design and manufacture electronic goods. If you would like a product designed, modified or are after software or electronics assistance please visit our consultancy information page.

European and Japanese manufacturers

UK specification and grey imports are all welcome...
We can convert your car to UK spec (speedo, odometer etc) and get it ready for SVA. Comprehensive level of tuning upgrades for most cars.

1500 Sq. ft premises houses our 4WD 1600 bhp DYNAPACK chassis dynamometer

THOR moved into our 1500 sq. ft premises in January 2007. Our premesis houses advanced tuning equipment, the most fundamental being a 4 wheel drive 1600BHP (4400ft/lb torque) chassis dynamometer. The system is able to cater for front and rear 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive vehicles. This is similar to a rolling road but directly couples to the vehicles wheel hubs. This means there are no problems associated with tyre/roller slip, increasing the safety and accuracy of measurement.

Imagine being able to drive your car at 150MPH and jump out to analyse sensors within the engine bay. This is perfect for analysing faults only apparent when driving under load and tweaking the engine for maximum power output. Air fans each blow 20m3s-1 of air towards the front of the car to provide engine cooling.

The equipment is able to measure in real time the engine torque, air intake temperatures, turbo boost pressures and importantly the air/fuel ratio; BHP is calculated and corrected to British DIN standards.

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