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Electronic Boost Controller

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Mechanical Boost Controller

(Bleed Valve or Daws Device)

The Boost Controller mounts in-line between the intake manifold (or turbo nipple) and the wastegate. The controller holds the signal from the wastegate until the desired boost level is reached. By conditioning the boost signal this way, the following results occur: Time to Peak Boost is dramatically improved - More boost "area under the curve" for increased mid-range torque! - Boost limit is raised to the point that you, not the ECU, desire!



The Mechanical Boost Controller we use is a pressure-controlled device, unlike a bleed valve. One big disadvantage of a bleed is that the boost signal is always acting on the wastegate as the boost builds. This means that the wastegate is allowing exhaust gas to bypass the turbine at the exact time you need it to be spooling up your turbo.




The Mechanical Boost Controller holds the boost pressure signal from the wastegate until it reaches the level that you have set. Because of its rapid actuation, "spiking" (momentarily exceeding the boost limit) is almost completely eliminated. Some electronic controller companies actually try to promote spiking as a positive feature, because their controllers cannot react fast enough to accurately control the problem.

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