Converter & Delimiter - Honda Accord

Converter & Delimiter - Honda Accord


£93.60 incl


Digital Speedo Converter & Top Speed Delimiter

- Converts from KMH to MPH

- Removes Top Speed Limit

If you have imported your car to the UK and it has a KMH only speedometer, a speedo conversion will be required before the car can be registered in the UK


Our digital speedometer converters are a cost effective solution for producing an MPH readout on a speedometer which only has a KMH scale. This type of speedometer conversion is for vehicles which use electronic pulsed signals to drive the speedometer.

The unit is installed to the wiring at the rear of the speedometer. The converter works by sensing the vehicles electronic speed pulse signal and generating a new MPH signal for the speedometer. After installation, the speedometer will show an MPH reading on the original KMH face scale. A small MPH label is provide to cover the original KMH symbol. No further modifications are required to the speedometer face. Additionally, the vehicle odometer will now increment in miles.


Japanese performance vehicles imported from Japan will be road speed restricted to approximately 112 MPH. While this restriction does not affect driving on public roads, off-road use on specialised tracks, race circuits and German Autobahns is obviously impaired.

Our system can remove this restriction. In most cases, the same unit used to convert the speedometer to MPH, can also enable de-limiting. We can also provide a unit especially for delimiting only, for installation in circumstances where the speedometer has already been converted or conversion is not required.

For newer vehicles such as the Nissan 350Z , Nissan Skyline 350GT and Mazda RX-8 , a CAN Bus delimiter is required. Please click here for details.

Please note: A small number of Japanese performance vehicles employ complex speed signalling systems which may require two converter installations for speedometer conversion & de-limiting.


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