Emerald M3DK engine management system

THOR Racing are able to install and tune the Emerald 3D systems. Please see the services section for more details.

The Emerald M3DK engine management system handles full 3D mapping of both ignition and injection on normally-aspirated and turbo-charged engines. Its easy programmability and flexibility in adapting to existing engine installations and sensors make it a particularly good choice for people wishing to convert to mapped ignition and/or injection.

The system will take inputs from a number of OE distributor types including those converted to run with an optical trigger. The ECU can be configured to run as a full distributorless system using a number of crank trigger patterns, including the Bosch 60-2 (Vauxhall/GM, VW, Porsche, BMW), 36-1 (Ford Zetec/Duratec), Honda and Rover K-series.

The system is fully plug-compatible with the Rover MEMS system as fitted to the 'K' series Rover unit used in the Caterham Seven and Lotus Elise. The software provides 32 speed sites(up to 15,500RPM) and 16 load sites with tailored load site grouping, allowing super sensitive mapping around part throttle to improve drivability. The injection software provides the same number of load sites and speed sites, and also allows for cranking enrichment, acceleration fuelling adjustment, cold start correction, water and air temperature correction to both fuelling and ignition settings and Lambda sensor feedback. Map trimming can be done both 'on the fly' - dialing in timing and fuelling settings while the engine is running, or on a download basis.

M3DK units incorporate a shift light, user-tailorable soft and hard cut rev-limiters, tacho drive and tacho tell-tale.

The software allows the ignition and injection maps to be presented as surface contour graphs which greatly enhances the visibility of the calibration settings.

All M3DK kits include a comprehensive illustrated operating manual, ECU loom plug and pins, wiring details with pin-outs, comms lead and full operating software.

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