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Project Gotham Racing on XBOX 360

THOR Racing hired it's Dynapack chassis dyno and dyno cell facilities to Bizarre creations (the game creators) enabling them to record in fine detail the precise engines sounds made by many of the vehicles within the Project Gotham Racing 4 game. (having previously also worked on PGR3).

As the Dynapack chassis dyno makes no noise we can couple many powerful and exotic cars to the dyno and record every engine note, induction roar and gearbox whine there is without noise interference from tyres, rollers or wind.

For recognition by Microsoft in assisting Bizarre Creations in producting such fantastic sound recordings THOR Racing we able to get our "name in lights" and our company logo can be seen whilst driving around the London circuit near Marble Arch. Here is a screen shot.

All pictures and trademarks remain the property of the respective owners and we thank them and wish PGR4 every success.

Click for large close up image.
Click for large close up image.

One particular success which we can mention is the Toyota Supra TT as seen here. THOR Racing are experts with the Supra and have provided the sounds for the 2JZ-GTE turbo and THOR's 1UZ-FE 4.0lt V8 conversion.

Toyota Supras in PGR4

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