THOR Racing are able to source any GEMS Engine Management system.

We are also able to install and tune the GEMS systems. Please see the services section for more details.


GEMS: General Engine Management Systems

GEMS' standard system

Engine Management Implants

The hardware - injectors, coils, sensors and so on - specified by the manufacturers of most road cars is usually readily adaptable for motorsport purposes. The problem is the software provided with the standard original equipment (OE) electronic control unit. Often, this is inflexible and inappropriate, making the system difficult to reprogram when changes are needed after modifications to the engine.

GEMS software implants use all the original hardware, including the original OE 'black box' itself, but replace or add a GEMS ECU board with specialist motorsports software based around the techniques used in GEMS racing engine management systems. This product is especially useful and appropriate to those involved in Group N racing or rallying, where retention of the original ECU case and sensors is mandatory. The GEMS Mitsubishi Lancer and Subaru Impreza implants have been highly successful in this arena.

The GEMS software implants transform the host ECU from an inflexible black box into a user-friendly engine management system which requires a minimum of electrical knowledge to operate. This includes the addition of a communications link that allows the operator to monitor and control the system.

Fuel control is by three-dimensional lookup tables using throttle position and engine speed for normally aspirated engines, and manifold absolute pressure and engine speed for turbocharged engines. If the original system uses an airflow meter this can be retained if necessary. Ambient air temperature, coolant temperature, barometric pressure and battery voltage are measured and used to compensate for prevailing conditions - altitude, temperature, etc.

Ignition is controlled by the same inputs as fuel using another three-dimensional lookup table, and a wide array of programmable functions are available.

The GEMS software allows the standard GEMS monitoring interface to be used and allows control and reprogramming via the Serial Link as for other GEMS ECUs.

Basic calibrations are available for all implants but need fine tuning for different fuels, restrictor sizes and engine modifications where applicable. GEMS can recommend a number of suitable tuners to do this work if necessary.

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