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THOR has been established since 1996, operating as THOR Racing and since moving to Canley in September of 2010 we have expanded our service coverage to any car, family, fleet and light commercial. So with our pedigree in racing and performance car modifications and diagnostics we are able to offer the ordinary car driver the same skill, expertise and attention to detail from a simple oil change, service light reset to an engine exchange or rebuild.

We welcome any call for any car.

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Our Services and Pricing

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Price List 2012 (Subject to change without notice)

Full Service (Typically 12000- 15000 miles or 12 - 24 Months)

Engine Size Pre year 2000 Post Year 2000
0.0lt -> 1.3lt 120+VAT = 144 140+VAT = 168
1.4lt -> 1.6lt 130+VAT = 156 150+VAT = 180
1.7lt -> 1.9lt 140+VAT = 168 160+VAT = 192
2.0lt -> 2.9lt 150+VAT = 180 170+VAT = 204
3.0lt, V6, V8 etc 160+VAT = 192 180+VAT = 216


Interim Service (Typically 6000 - 8000 miles or 6 - 12 Months)

Engine Size Pre year 2000 Post Year 2000
0.0lt -> 1.3lt 65+VAT = 78 75+VAT = 90
1.4lt -> 1.6lt 75+VAT = 90 85+VAT = 102
1.7lt -> 1.9lt 85+VAT = 102 95+VAT = 114
2.0lt -> 2.9lt 95+VAT = 114 105+VAT = 126
3.0lt, V6, V8 etc 105+VAT = 126 115+VAT = 138


MOT ( Performed by independent garage; thus ensuring impartial testing )

45 (including VAT)

Oil Service

You will want to keep your vehicle driving at its best. Regular servicing is the way to ensure that your vehicle remains in tip-top condition. An oil service is the minimum you should do to keep you vehicle running.

Engine Size Pre year 2000 Post Year 2000
0.0lt -> 1.3lt 50+VAT = 60 60+VAT = 72
1.4lt -> 1.6lt 55+VAT = 66 65+VAT = 78
1.7lt -> 1.9lt 60+VAT = 72 70+VAT = 84
2.0lt -> 2.9lt 65+VAT = 78 75+VAT = 90
3.0lt, V6, V8 etc 70+VAT = 84 80+VAT = 96


Oil Change

Labour 0.5 hrs + Oil Disposal = 25 + 10 = 35 + VAT = 42
Customer is charged for any time wasted if parts are incorrect and job aborted or price reverts to above Oil Service charge if we are asked to complete oil change.

Check Engine / Malfunction Indicator Light / ECU Diagnostic Charge

OBDII Fault Codes Scanned and Printed or Flash Codes Recorded;

Fault Code Read & Printout = 30 + VAT = 36
Fault Code Read & Printout & ERASE = 40 + VAT = 48

See below for general diagnostics charge to investigate codes retrieved. None of the above includes any further analysis or rectification of fault; parts or labour.

General Diagnostics (1 per min : 60 per hr)

General Labour charges apply. All time is chargeable BUT any time charged will be given back in credit against the repair invoice (up to max of 30mins) Every stage of testing is recorded in a methodical and logical manor. (Method and Result)

All time is chargeable regardless of rectifying the fault or not.
Customer is advised to limit our diagnostics time. Say to 1 or 2 hours etc. Depending on budget and severity of fault.


General Labour (1 per min : 60 per hr)

50+VAT /hr = 60 /hr per Technician




Labour time used on our Estimates and Invoices are according to AutoData. Industry standard times.
Labour time is charged in 15min intervals for general labour. First 15 mins are free for wiper blades, bulbs, batteries
Free Winter Check = battery, brake fluid and anti-freeze quality check etc (no parts)

Some vehicles require special oils, this is chargeable. You will be notified if an extra charge will be incurred and given the option of cancelling..

But prices do vary on oil quality, type of spark pliugs used (platinum or long life plugs are more expensive)


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Please telephone the team on 0845 555 4545 (Option 1).

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