The Nissan GTS / GTR Implant ECUs fit inside the factory enclosure. Here are a couple of photos showing this.

Stock Nissan Skyline R33 GTR ECULink G4 GTS/GTR Plug-In Implant ECU inside the factory housing.

Stock Nissan R33 GTR ECU next to the Link G4 GTS / GTR implant ECU inside the factory enclosure.

R33 GTR Stock ECU showing diagnositcs port cut-out.Link programming cable exiting the stock housing via the diagnositcs port cut-out.

Before and after showing the Link G4 GTS / GTR implant ECU programming cable exiting the factory ECU enclosure / housing via the existing diagnositcs port cut-out.

Also shows the Link onboard 2.5bar MAP sensor. Silicon pipe fitted to the MAP sensor would exit out the other hole shown. We suggest if using the on board MAP sensor that you drill out the oval hole and enlarge to a 10mm round hole. The programming cable requires NO drilling or modification.

We can provide a fitting service for the ECU implant unit inside the factory case. We may even be able to offer this on an exchange basis. Cost would be 1hr labour 50+VAT (keeping the factory ECU intact) or 1/2hr labour 25+VAT (Destroying factory ECU)


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