Manual Gearbox Conversion

THOR Racing have developed a manual gearbox conversion for the Toyota / Lexus range of V8 engines. The 1UZ-FE (and 2UZ and 3UZ) family.

The first installation of our kit was in our own demo car, the Supra MkIV 4.0lt V8, THOR-Thunder.

The Toyota / Lexus V8 engines only ever came with a manual gearbox and so to get the most enjoyment out of this V8 we developed the gearbox conversion.

Click on any image for a LARGE! close up.

The gearbox converison kit....

You get everything from the crankshaft spigot bearing to the clutch cover.

All you need to supply is the 1UZ-FE (or 2/3UZ engines) automatic bell housing and the Toyota R154 manual gearbox (or Tremec TKO600).
Pedal box, clutch master cylinder and any gear lever repositioning is extra (We may manuacture a gear lever extension for the R154 depending on market requirements to suit installations in the Toyota Supra and the Lexus Soarer V8.)

  1. Spigot Bearing
  2. Flywheel
  3. Flywheel Bolts
  4. Clutch Plate (Single)
  5. Clutch Cover
  6. Clutch Cover Bolts
  7. Transmission Adaptor Plate (THOR)
  8. Clutch release bearing assembly
  9. Clutch release bearing adaptor plate (THOR)
  10. Bolts for realease bearing adaptor plate.

Nothing is supplied seperately as we know 100% this kit works!
The clutch can handle anything the NA V8 can throw at it. Mine is at 250BHP at the wheels at present and about 240ft/lb. We can also offer uprated twin and triple plate clutches and flywheels if required.

This picture shows the V8 automatic bell housing mounted onto the Toyota R154 manual 5 speed gearbox. The black adaptor plate is our own design. The other components are industry tried and tested components which we have carefully selected to form our kit. We are confident therefore that the design will have exceptional longevity.

THOR Racing R154 to 1UZ-FE ConversionTHOR Racing R154 to 1UZ-FE ConversionTHOR Racing R154 to 1UZ-FE Conversion


Installation in the Supra MkIV (JZA80)

Here is the gearbox ready to be fitted into the Supra.

THOR Racing R154 gearbox conversion ready to be fitted.

We had to extend the gear lever mechanism to ensure the gear lever came up through the transmission tunnel at the correct location. This again involved a lot of development to extend the shaft and manufacture a bespoke extension housing.

THOR Racing R154 gear lever extension

Here is the clutch and flywheel fitted (the rust is because this image was taken 3 months after installation when we checked clutch and flywheel and gearbox for any problems that may have occurred. Luckily nothing was found.)

THOR Racing 1UZ-FE V8 Clutch and Flywheel

Here it is fitted....

THOR Racing 1UZ-FE V8 fitted into MkIV Supra JZA80


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