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Programmable Engine Management Systems

AEM's Plug & Play Engine Management System (EMS) will forever change the way you look at and perform fuel injection tuning!

This user-programmable system plugs directly into a vehicle's factory ECU harness and requires no additional wiring or hardware.

The AEM EMS's infinitely adjustable software allows tuners to program virtually any combination of engine control, power adders and auxiliary devices, and accurately deliver proper amounts of fuel and correct ignition timing for ANY boost level or operating condition.



  1. Installs in minutes
  2. Plug & Play Technology
  3. Uses all the Factory Sensors
  4. Fuel Table Automapping
  5. Base Maps Included
  6. Programmable Traction Control
  7. Onboard 512kb Datalogger
  8. 10 Cyl Sequential Fuel Injection
  9. 16 General Purpose Outputs
  10. 7 Definable Switch Inputs
  11. Electronic Boost Control
  12. Soft Cut Rev Limiters
  13. 2 Step Launch Control
  14. Wet or Dry Nitrous Control
  15. Definable Knock Control
  16. Full Idle Control
  17. 4 EGT Inputs w/Fuel Control
  18. 16/32 Hybrid High-Speed Processor



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