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Power FC (We also MAP any Apexi Power FC for a fixed price of 300+VAT)

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The Power FC is a stand alone, total engine management system. The Power FC replaces the factory ECU and controls all engine parameters. Installation is simply replacing the factory ECU (Some minor wiring alterations may be required on some vehicles). Using the factory wiring loom, all standard accessories like the air conditioning will continue to function. By changing various parameters and data (from multiple point fuel and ignition control to variable valve timing engagement and boost settings), the Power FC will adapt to the vehicles specific characteristics. The Power FC also comes preprogrammed with several base maps. (Currently with Japan Domestic Market Vehicle Maps. Minor initial tuning may be required). This makes the initial tuning process much quicker. As with all other fuel controllers, the POWER FC should be tuned on a dynomometer by a trained professional. A high grade air/ fuel ratio monitor is also recommended during tuning to ensure best results.

* Unless otherwise specified, Power FCs are only available for manual transmission vehicles.

Please contact us to check availablility for your vehicle or visit the Apexi Website
Not listed? Email us: to find out if one is available for your vehicle.

There are also optional extras like Boost Control kit and the Commander.

PowerFC Features

The Power FC operates off of three Main Menus on the included* FC Commander. These menus are : Monitor, Setting, and ETC.

Monitor Mode:
The Commander can display up to 10 parameters of data in real time. Monitor Mode can display:
Engine RPM
Ignition Timing
Vehicle Speed
Air Flow Voltage (Pressure Sensor Voltage)
Injector Duty Cycle
Knocking Level
Battery Voltage
Intake Air Temp
Water Temp

In addition, there are 4 display patterns allowing 1-8 parameters to be shown on screen at once. The data displays in numerical real time values with the option of a real time 10 second graph display. Peak Hold values and Display Hold functions only require the touch of a button. The Map Trace Mode allows Ghost Map Tracing of the Fuel Correction and Ignition Timing maps. This allows the user to visually see what point of the map is being used in real time. The Ghost Map Trace function leaves markers on the used portions of the map for easy reference.

Setting Mode:
Allows full access to the 20x20 ignition timing and fuel correction maps. The user can adjust any portion of this map in 5x5 sections. Air flow correction values can be entered for vehicles upgrading air flow meters. Injector pulse correction menu is used when upgrading injectors on the engine. The Acceleration Enrichment Correction function improves response under hard and sudden acceleration. The Cranking Fuel Injection menu corrects the amount of fuel when the engine is being cranked, or when the water temperature is cold. A separate Water Temp menu allows fuel correction according to water temperature. The RPM menu allows rev limiter settings and idle RPM levels. Access menus also vary according to specialty engines.

Rotary engine Power FC's accommodate leading and trailing ignition maps. Honda engines Power FC's allow for VTEC control. Complete boost control is possible by using the optional Boost Control Kit.

ETC Menu:

Contains utility parameters such as : version information, LCD screen Brightness, and Initialization of all Data. In addition, the ETC Mode allows the user to monitor all factory sensors through one screen. This screen can tell the user if any sensor is in use or malfunctioning.

APEXi Power FC D-Jetro

The D-Jetro Power FC units carry the same functions as the regular Power FC units but do not require the use of the factory standard air flow meter and use a mass air pressure sensor. Apart from the unit itself, use of the D-Jetro units requires addtional parts that vary depending on the model.

A.P. Engineering Power FC SPL.

A.P. Engineering Original Power FC units carry the same functions as the regular Power FC units but have been specially adopted for use on car models that the regular Power FCs do not cater for. As they are an item outsourced from APEXi, their pricing is higher than the regular models.

Power FC Pro Spec.

Only available for some car models, the Power FC Pro Spec.CPU has been designed for drag racing use. These units have two additional functions over the regular units:

Ignition cut used for rpm limiter - Regular Power FCs cut fuel feed when the preset revolution limit is reached. At high rpm, there is the possibility of knocking when the fuel is cut in high powered cars. The Power FC Pro Spec.CPUs cut ignition at the rpm limit to prevent the knocking that could potentially destroy the engine.
0km/h rpm limiter setting - Allows for the setting for an initial rpm limiter that is active whilst the car is not in motion. This allows for mainting a rpm level for consistent launches.

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