THOR Racing are able to source any Omex Engine Management system.

We are also able to install and tune the Omex systems. Please see the services section for more details.


Omex Engine Management

Omex Engine Management ECUs are high performance, easy to install, easy to map systems designed with the Clubman competitor in mind. They also offer all the advanced features required by the professional user to allow the ultimate performance to be achieved from most engines. All Omex systems offer true three dimensional mapping, have user adjustable correction tables, and are programmable either with the engine stationary or in real time with the engine running. They are suitable for both normally aspirated and forced induction engines.

Product Range

The Omex range of Engine Management Systems includes:

OMEM100 and OMEM500

- Suitable for 4 cylinder engines,
- For use with distributorless ignition systems,
- Able to interface directly with Ford 36-1 or Bosch (Vauxhall) 60-2 teeth flywheel pattern (e.g. Ford Zetec or Vauxhall 2L 16V) - alternatively Omex's 36-1 teeth crank wheel can be fitted to most engines,
- The OMEM500 Fuel and Ignition system also offers semi-sequential fuel injection.


OMEM150 and OMEM550

- Suitable for use with engines of 1 to 8 cylinders,
- For use with distributor based systems,
- Able to support sensor pick up from the distributor, or a machined wheel or slots on the crankshaft front pulley,
- The OMEM550 Fuel and Ignition system also offers grouped injection.

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