RB30 (4WD) Stage 2 Complete RB30 forged engine

RB30 (4WD) Stage 2 Complete RB30 forged engine


£9,000.00 incl

Fully Re-Built Nissan RB30 Block for 4WD Nissan Skyline range
Ready to drop into the car, fully prepped with all ancillaries.


RB30 Short Block (4WD): Stage 2

Capable of withstanding 1000+ Flywheel Horsepower (1000+ BHP)

Ready to drop into the car, fully prepped with all ancillaries.

This is a REAL RB30 short block (Genuine Nissan cast iron 3.0lt block) fully prepared and built with forged internals for the range of RB26 equipped Nissan Skyline GTR vehicles. (i.e. 4 wheel drive!)

A full list of exactly what is in this short block engine is given below. See the FULL RB30 engine parts photo archive here....

Parts Used


Machining Processes


NOTE: This is NOT ( I repeat NOT) any kind of spacer kit fitted to the Nissan RB25 or RB26 engines this is a REAL GENUINE RB30 block. Here is a close up picture showing the Nissan engine stamp.... (actual picture of OUR THOR engine number 1, RB26 GTR to RB30 GTR stage 1 4WD conversion)

RB30 Engine Stamp 

Dyno Plots

RB26 to RB30 comparisonComparison of a stock RB26 with engine management upgrades with our stock R33 GTR converted to RB30 stage 1 (4wd) engine package.  

R33 GTR with stock turbos (running 0.8bar), stock fuel system, stock exhausts and induction. Link XLEM G2 ECU programmed to suit the RB30.

Click here for more details on the LinkXLEM G2 ECU.


RB30 with billet b4040 turbo

Our R32 GTR RB30 converted Skyline.... running Billet Turbo, Link XLEM G2 ECU, uprated fuel system and full exhaust system.

Nearly 500BHP at the hubs at 1.7bar.




Would suit the following cars.

Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

4WD Nissan Skyline GTR RB26 DETT to RB30 DETT conversion.


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