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R154 Manual gearbox fitted
Dynoed at 250BHP at wheels on Dynapack chassis dyno.

V8 Engine fits in the Supra.



The target project car is a Toyota Supra MkIV TT. (3.0lt TT)

It is being retro-fitted with a 4.7lt Lexus V8 with twin turbo chargers.




Toyota Supra MkIV GZ Aerotop AutoTarget Vehicle:

Original specification....


Donor Engines

We looked around at the Toyota engine choices and started with the 4.0lt V8 (1UZ-FE) from the Soarer SC400 and LS400 cars. Then proceeded to look at the 4.7lt 2UZ-FE and the 4.3lt 3UZ-FE from the Landcruiser SR5 and the Lexus GS430....

We purchased one 4.3lt, three 4.0lt's and one 4.7lt. We've also just purchased a cheap Soarer SC400 as well to start the initial mods on......

More detailed pages on the following.......

  1. Target Vehicle Stripdown
  2. The Engines
  3. Supra 4.0lt V8 non Turbo
  4. R154 Manual Gearbox Conversion
  5. Supra 4.0lt V8 Twin Turbo or Supercharger (coming soon)
  6. Supra 4.7lt V8 Twin Turbo (one day maybe ;-) )

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