The Engines

The Engines....

Here is the Toyota Landcruiser SR5 4.7lt V8 and Toyota Soarer 4.0lt V8 (Lexus LS400 4.0lt V8) which we will use as the basis of the conversions.

Toyota Landcruiser SR5 4.7lt V8Lexus LS400 4.0lt V8

Engines strip down and assessment..... 28/11/05

We have all engines apart, have assessed the strength of the pistons, rods and crank (through stress analysis and computer simulation). We are making our OWN forged pistons and H section rods, to OUR spec. We are also looking at balancing the stock crank and/or a billet crank and getting our own bearings made up.

All blocks are being cleaned now with a view to boring very soon. Engine mounts being made/designed.

The aim for the Supra is to get a 4.7lt V8 twin turbo charged drag monster.
We purchased a Soarer SC400 which is also getting the turbo treatment but it'll be 4.0lt, turboed and also MANUAL 5speed (they only come as autos normally)!

The aim is to show off our skills at engine design/build. Fabrication and aftermarket ECU wiring and mapping. (which is currently the major focus of the business)

The 4.7lt may go to a Race Spec PowerGlide 2 speed auto box for the TRUE drag car. The Soarer will remain a nice comfortable car to drive but still very quick.

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